Our Track Record-ROCG

IndustrySalesPeopleAssignmentBusiness Result DeliveredHuman Result Delivered
Thermoplastic Manufacturer for industrial use in domestic and UK market €32.5m72Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation | Business TransitionNew Equity Investment | Debt Restructuring | Board and Group Reorganisation | Insolvency event avoidedOwners, Employees & Business situation stabilised & secured
Manufacturing & Engineering Company€1.4m22Patent Application & Royalty Licence AgreementTax Efficient Corporate Structure formed for payment of royaltiesComfort to owner of guaranteed income stream
Professional Legal Practice€1.1m7Business Transition Management | Transaction & Event ManagementOrderly Business Transition Management & AdministrationSecurity and comfort to owners that optimum result for both the business and owners is achieved
Motor Group Franchise€7.3m12Commercial Evaluation Review | Business Interests & Personal PortfoliosClarification on business decisions taken in support of litigation proceedingsReassurance to owner that he was not solely at fault for business decisions taken
Construction & Project Management€2.2m 12 Business Interests & Personal Portfolios | Strategic Planning | Transaction & Event Management Restructured Tax Efficient Property Portfolio Comfort provided to owners that most tax efficient cash extraction method is achieved
Residential Nursing Home Operator €2.1m 57 Critical Success Factors & Efficiency Planning | Structure, Market, Negotiate & Close Deals Rate Negeotiation with Regulatory Body, which allowed owners to stabilise and grow the business Security and comfort to the owners that business is stabilised for foreseeable future
Construction & Project Management Group of Companies €9.5m 38 Performance Monitoring | Key Performance Indicators, Financials & Audit Financial Audit & Statutory Compliance Stakeholder Assurance that statutory and taxation compliance requirements adhered to
Sale of Bovine Semen to Service Operators €3.1m 10 Performance Monitoring | Key Performance Indicators, Financials & Audit Financial Audit & Statutory Compliance Stakeholder Assurance that statutory and taxation compliance requirements adhered
Public House €200K 4 Commercial Evaluation | Securing Funding Business model validated | Bank Funding Approved Business to commence trading in March 2012
Public House €300K 6 Commercial Evaluation | Operational Review| Rationalisation Operational & Funding rationalisation | Cashflow crisis and closure avoided I Breathing room to stabilise business through cost reduction
Retail -Grocery Shop / Filling Station €3.5m 18 Commercial Evaluation | Operational Review | Rationalisation I Funding & Cashflow Operational rationalisation | Loan Restructuring I Stabilisation I Ease Cashflow pressures
Private Medical Practice €500K 6 Performance Monitoring Review I Growth & Rationalisation I Transition I New Partnership Structure implemented I Operational Rationalisation Practice Stabilisation & retirement path identified
Restaurant & Delicatessen €900K 30 Performance Monitoring Review I Rationalisation I Strategic Planning Transfer of business to a limited company entity Tax efficiencies achieved I
Health & Care services €1m 35 Performance Monitoring Review | Rationalisation I Restructuring of debt I Cash crisis averted I Cost Rationalisation Stabilisation
Property Developer €9.1m 5 Financial modelling of site acquisition and project development Flexible Financial Model to assess different project scenario’s Enable owners to make decision to not to proceed with project
Animal Healthcare Products Manufacturer €8.5m 28 Operational Management | Key Performance Indicators, Financials & Audit Independent assessment of Financial Capability of Company to produce accurate financial information Reassurance to owners on financial information produced and software options availability for company expansion
Fruit Juice Manufacturer & Distributor €5.9m 55 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation / Critical Success Factors Identification New Equity invested | New / restructed Debt Comfort provided to owners to allow them enter new more profitable supplier arrangements
Retail Refrigeration distributor | domestic and UK Market €3.8m 23 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation | Debt Funding Debt Restructuring & Extension | Insolvency event avoided Owners, Managers stress with closure crises averted
Export dominated Cooked Meat Producer to Supermarket €12.0m 63 Commercial Evaluation | | Operational Management , Transition Management | Performance Monitoring New Equity Invested | New / restructured Debt | Operational rationalisation | Sale of business Stakeholders and employee situation stabilised and secured
Development, Manufacturing (secondary processing) and distribution of value added pork and bacon products. €32.3m 178 Commercial Evaluation | Performance Monitoring Review New Equity Investment approved Stabilisation
Export focused Multi Lingual outsourcing service provider -specialist centre for support services. €9.0m 180 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation | Critical Success Factors (CFS) New Equity Invested | New / restructured Debt | Better monitoring of CFS’s Breathing room to Grow business to the next level + more employment
Design installation and support of advanced technology systems €11.7m 63 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation New Equity invested | cash crises averted Stabilisation
Manufacturer of multi purpose utility vehicles €.3k to projected €2.4m 14 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation| Critical Success Factors (CFS) New Equity invested | Operational reengineering from R&D to full production Clarification of CSF’s | Insight on growth requirements
Newspaper Publication| Circulated locally €0.9k 10 Business Transition Management | Transaction Management | Structure, Market, Negotiate & Close Deal Sale of Business to International Publication for 23 times earnings Security and comfort for owners on retirement
Retail of furniture, floor coverings and light fittings to local market €1.2m 4 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation | Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) Debt Restructuring & Extension Clarification for owners on actions which would provide most impact to turnaround their business
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Contractors to Food, Pharma & Biotech industries €9.8m 65 Operational Management | Business Model Validation, Turnaround & Pathfinding | Critical Success Factors | Performance Monitoring Operational rationalisation | Operational refocus Owners worries on cashflow crisis alleviated through operational refocus and planning
National retailer of Stoves & Fireplaces €1.4m 22 Commercial Evaluation | Transaction & Event Management Insolvency Planning & Management Owners concerns of impact on other business ventures alleviated through implemented step by step action plan
Wireless & wire-line network software supplier for single user data services across all network technologies €3.9m 18 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation, Turnaround | Operational Performance New Equity Invested | New / restructured Debt Breathing room for stakeholders from potential cash crisis, to allow them concentrate on securing contracts
Design, manufacture and installation of Aggregate Products | Domestic & UK Market €7.5m 46 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation New Equity invested | Operational rationalisation Breathing room for stakeholders in order to refocus and grow the business in new markets
Specialist Chocolate Manufacturer for niche market in the UK €0.95m 15 Commercial Evaluation | Business Model Validation | Performance Monitoring New Equity invested | Key Performance Indicators Owners livelihood saved and allowed them to reengineer their business
Business to Business - IT Services €500K 8 Performance Monitoring Review | Operational Management I Performance Monitoring Systems implemented with CFS & KPI’s I Training Key focus areas clarified |