change aheadAs business owners and managers you operate in an environment of massive and ongoing change. Change carries great risk, but where there is risk there is opportunity for both improvement and turnaround.There are 3 principal areas that you must focus on to survive and prosper:

The combination of:

  • what products and services you sell

  • who buys them

  • why they buy them

  • how you make a profit out of the transactions

When the going gets tough reassess the competitive element that generates profit and sustainable success for your business.
If you're sure that your business model is valid (or future proofed) look to change the way the business works to adapt quickly to the changing environment. Examine the key operational areas of your business including:

  • Design

  • Production

  • Marketing

  • Selling

  • Customer Service

Optimise the functions of your

  • Human Resources

  • Systems and Processes.

  • When operating under severe constraints establish the absolute priority of cash over profit and investment.

  • Manage all components of your balance sheet and migrate towards a properly structured, investor friendly balance – be that investment debt or equity.

  • Shorten your sales lead cash cycle to improve  your working capital position.

  • Your supply chain management function is pivotal – if this is out of kilter then it's likely that the same could be said of your cash flow


  • We have over three decades of extensive business experience working both "at the coal face " directly in businesses themselves and in advisory roles. 
  • We have worked and advised in financial and strategic capacities, through three downturn periods, across a broad spectrum of business sectors, with a diverse selection of business owners, their families and advisors.
  • We work with Enterprise Ireland as commercial evaluators in commercially assessing and consulting with companies applying for stabilisation and other support funding.
  • We offer a unique range of skills that spans all areas of business, finance and operations – with a special integrated focus on financial management and planning, strategic and business transition planning, investment appraisal and performance management.
  • All of this is supported by proven consulting methodologies, strong analytical tools and robust project management capability.


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