ROCG provides a proactive, challenging, fun and dynamic team environment in which to work, learn and add value to the clients we are privileged to serve. ROCG aims to become known as an employer of choice. 

To be an ROCG Advisor you must:

  • want to add value to businesses
  • be prepared to work hard
  • be prepared to be part of a dynamic team environment with a supportive culture that encourages personal growth and achievement.

You must contribute to the vision and growth of the business and the team to ensure that opportunities open up for every member of our team where possible.

You are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and to contributing to the fun working environment within our organisation.

Our mission is to provide quality services that will maximise the wealth of our clients.

  • ROCG  will be proactive and innovative in providing products and services that meet the needs of our clients.
  • ROCG  will provide quality services on a timely basis.
  • ROCG services will always be delivered in a professional manner with the highest standard of ethical conduct.
  • Services provided by the firm will be clearly defined, highly structured, and priced in accordance with the value they represent to our client.
  • There must be a high level of trust and mutual respect for all clients and team members.
  • All our ROCG Europe offices will establish a work environment that attracts quality team members.
  • Our offices will create an dynamic team environment that allows for the professional advancement and personal growth of all team members.
  • Every team member will understand and subscribe to the ROCG vision and the role they play in achieving that vision.
  • ROCG  will provide the necessary resources to enable our team to provide quality service.
  • Our goal is to be the pre-eminent firm in Europe.
  • All team members will be involved in the decision making process.
  • There must be a high level of trust and mutual respect between team members.

Please contact us on if you would like further information about working with us.