We look at  you, your business and the complexity of  your portfolio of assets:-

  • Property
  • Loan and debt finance
  • Pensions
  • Savings and investments
  • Other business interests

We help you to make the best strategic decisions on how to best manage your entire portfolio of assets and liabilities. You are all individuals with a unique set of issues making up your business and personal lives.   For some there may be more than one business interest to be managed within your personal portfolio. For others personal property investments may be closely connected with one or more of your business interests.  Loan and debt finance secured personally rather than through a business entity can further complicate matters.

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It is common to find a vast and diverse array of pensions, savings and investments (including investments in shares, equity plans and bonds) which may have originated, and been funded from a successful and profitable private business. For some business owners the recent recession may now find you looking at your non-business investments to resolve core business issues.

  • At ROCG we clearly understand these complexities. We have designed exclusive award winning systems and methodologies that help you to make the best strategic decisions on how to manage your entire portfolio of assets and liabilities both business and personal.
  • Perhaps that is why over 98% of our client base managed to navigate the most recent recession successfully.