What You Can Expect - ROCG

  • Add measurable value to your business (in excess of your investment with us)
  • Know where you are going and be clear on how to get there
  • Have your business focused on goals that are realistic and achievable
  • Benefit personally from the improved performance of your business
  • See profitability and productivity improvements
  • Quickly identify and leverage new market opportunities and business efficiency capabilities
  • Maximise the return on your investment – the ultimate measure of business performance!
  • True Professionalism - we relentlessly focus on output quality rather than throughput quantity
  • Holistic Capability - in addition to our core financial expertise our strategic work spans all the key areas that drive and enable a business to grow and flourish
  • Maximising Profit & Wealth - this is the firm’s core deliverable at both a business and personal level
  • Real Business Acumen -  a keen understanding of how business really works and how to drive it
  • Risk Management - peace of mind that all angles are considered and covered off as best as they can be to minimise potential distress
  • Common Sense - we will always temper our business advice with practical and commercial common sense
  • Grounded Clarity - don’t get lost in theoretical business concepts; we deal in real solutions for real business run by ordinary, no nonsense, business people like you
  • Putting you First - it’s not all about the business… it’s about how you feel about what your business does for/to you, and your comfort within that space
  • Protectiveness - always trying to be one step ahead in identifying risks and minimising your stress
  • Loyalty  - even when times get tough we have a reputation for sticking with our clients and being there for them
  • Courage - we will fight in your corner no matter how big or daunting the institution you need to deal with, or how complex or difficult it is to state your case
  • Generosity  - it’s not all about recovering billable hours; it’s going the extra mile when it is simply the right thing to do! We find that when you do the right things for the right people, the money takes care of itself
  • Honesty - we will tell things exactly as they are, even when it might seem unpalatable Confidentiality your affairs are your business and nobody else’s


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