Our Primary Focus is on YOU… to help Clarify, Create, Communicate and drive Change.

Client.Clarify.Create.Communicate.ChangeOur focus is on you, our CLIENT. Our approach will help you to achieve superior business performance and identify new directions that will build the value of your enterprise.

We begin by bringing CLARITY to the challenges your business faces. We apply our global perspective and knowledge of worldwide best practices.  We then use powerful diagnostic tools to clarify your business issues.

We CREATE a work plan for you based on leading management concepts and proven methodologies that will lead to the key deliverables.

Sharing information is a vital ingredient in gaining the buy-in that will turn your goals into realities. We COMMUNICATE with you and other stakeholders to ensure involvement and agreement throughout the process.

We will help you implement and manage whatever CHANGE is required, directed by a clear plan with milestones, timelines and defined resources.

And finally Π, or profit. The ROCG approach ultimately delivers greater profits for your business. Of course you will profit in monetary terms, but also from the increased value of your business and in the satisfaction you gain from the ownership of a superior enterprise.

Whether your company is just starting up or is on the verge of becoming a global powerhouse, our services can help you manage and sustain your business growth.

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Turning that Approach into Action

Having a consulting approach is all very well but for today’s business owners it needs to meet the core challenges that you address every day!

The questions we address for our clients every single day normally relate to:

  • business performance issues
  • developing growth strategies
  • finding new markets or
  • managing change – be that exiting or selling the business or dealing with external pressures such as economic downturn.

When we talk about clarity we’re talking about diagnosing a current condition be that:

  • strategic
  • operational
  • financial
  • or indeed a pressing personal situation
Whatever the outcome of the diagnosis it normally requires the creation of a solution or plan to identify:

  • a critical path
  • change the business model
  • effect an improvement/turnaround
  • or increase effectiveness/efficiency

But creating the plan is not enough. It has to be communicated so that the critical success factors and transition objectives for the development path are known to all key players.

Finally the change process itself needs to be managed.  We do that through performance monitoring and assurance processes. In many cases we also manage projects and processes right through to the deal closing stages that can be so important for ROCG clients.

We have a wealth of case studies that we can share with you demonstrating how a wide variety of our clients successfully addressed major business and personal issues with the support of our firm.

Processes That Work For You