Challenges You May Be Juggling With

At the heart of your financial affairs lies YOUR BUSINESS

    • 'Do I need to rationalise or streamline my business to ensure continued positive returns on investment’ is  a question you may frequently ask yourself.
    • For some there may be more than one business interest to be integrated and managed within your personal portfolio.
    • For others personal property investments may be closely correlated with one or more of your business entities. 
    • Loan and debt finance that has been provided personally rather than through a business entity can further complicate matters.
    • Will the business be able to continue to fund your lifestyle, pension and outside loan commitments?
    • How robust is my current pension planning given the pummelling most pension funding plans have taken?
    • How do I manage my investment properties given the downturn and current tax climate?
    • I need to retire in the next 5 years – how do I go about that? What will I do with my business? 
    • I’m not sure if my loans and mortgages are optimally structured – how can I evaluate that?
    • How are my stock and equity investments holding up? Should I broaden, narrow or dispose of my portfolio?
    • How do I put all of this stuff together?


Financial Consolidation – A Holistic View of Your Business & Personal Finances

At ROCG we understand the complexities of business and personal finances.

Not only that, we have designed proprietary award winning systems and methodologies that help business owners like you make the best strategic decisions on how to manage your entire portfolio of assets and liabilities (business and personal) by taking a holistic view of your finances.

We call one of these proprietary systems Financial Consolidation™.

    • The Financial Consolidator is a totally integrated financial planning solution.
    • It encompasses everything from your private business interests to your complete portfolio of passive investments.
    • It considers their earning and growth potential and all the related financing issues that can surround such investments.
    • It helps you literally “join the dots” on all your financial affairs.
    • More importantly, it provides a baseline for solid financial planning right across your whole portfolio.
    • For each key element you can set objectives, measures, targets and identify initiatives you need to take.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why over 98% of our client base has managed to navigate the most recent recession successfully.

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