How We Assess Your SME Business

Every privately owned SME business can benefit from the help of an expert advisor who

  • knows both how to apply the principles of good business management
  • AND has a thorough understanding of the local business environment

Here at ROCG we do this by carrying out a comprehensive SWOT Analysis.

All businesses, yours included,  follow a life cycle – the initial development and growth followed by an eventual decline and failure – UNLESS a planned series of corrections keeps the business tracking towards success. To make those corrections effectively you need to have

  • a clear understanding of your external environment and 
  • a realistic evaluation of how the business itself functions i.e. its internal environment.


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The External Environment – it’s not just the economy!

Your business is subject to the influences of the external environment. Significant events can be happening, yet be undetectable on a day-to-day basis. An assessment of the external environment will identify the opportunities for your business as well as the threats.

The Internal Environment – how well does it really work?  A SWOT analysis helps find the answers

Your business has its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Strengths make a business competitive
  • Weaknesses place a business at a competitive disadvantage 
  • It is important to know and understand your strengths so that you can use them to your greatest advantage
  • It is equally important to know your weaknesses so you can act to minimise their influence and work to overcome them.

Strategic Options – The Best Way Forward

To develop alternative strategic options requires an assessment of the current strategic position of the business.  The identified opportunities and strengths of the business create a framework for evaluating a range of options. In some cases, the strategic options need to focus on ensuring that the threats and weaknesses faced by the business are mitigated.

Why not work your way through the interactive chart at the top of the page for more details on our unique business perspectives – then contact us on 052 6127729 or to see how these can be applied specifically to your business.