Tax – Effectiveness and Optimisation

accountingbookkeepingJohn Maynard Keynes is reputed to have said ” the avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that carries any reward”. While making the clear distinction between avoidance and evasion we would be inclined to agree with him.

At ROCG our team of tax experts continually research the ever-changing tax legislation to ensure you are fully aware of all current tax planning opportunities and how they can be applied to benefit both business and personal affairs.

So while we have to attend to normal tax compliance issues as a matter of inevitable routine, we always take a commercial view when it comes to assessing tax driven threats and opportunities.


Assurance through Audit - We Go The Extra Mile

  • For most non-executive shareholders or indeed business owners who want an extra measure of assurance,  our audit service is the solution that they choose. While this is primarily a statutory requirement, here at ROCG we go the extra mile to add value to the audit process. During the course of our audits
  • we will review a wide range of internal control procedures
  • carry out fundamental trend analysis on business performance 

Included with every audit closeout meeting is a fully documented Business Performance Review. This gives the shareholders a private equity perspective of the business’s performance as an investment vehicle.  Many of our clients find that this complimentary review is more valuable than the audit process itself in pointing to issues that can proactively be addressed by the shareholder/owner.

Measurement and Management

The phrase “what gets measured gets managed …and what gets managed gets done” is a self-evident truth in business and one of the most voiced clarion calls of our team here at ROCG. Every business has things that it must get absolutely right if it is to succeed.  They are usually called Critical Success Factors (CSFs). These are often identified at the planning stage of many of our assignments and can range across all business functions:-

  • operations

  • marketing

  • sales

  • people

  • systems

  • processes

  • finance

One thing’s for sure though, knowing your critical success factors isn’t enough.You must have a quantitative measure and track your progress in achieving them. For that you need key performance indicators (KPIs). Here at ROCG we can help you implement dynamic measurement systems that work for you. We do this through our full Business Monitoring Service -

  • creation or adaptation of your management information and reporting systems

  • or simply advising you how best to go about making the changes that will help you achieve and measure your business success.


Our company has benefited greatly from its dealings with ROCG. Their robust challenging of our strategic plan, relentless focus on identifying and the subsequent measuring of key metrics within our business has contributed significantly to our success to date. Their professional expertise has proven to be a great support to our finance function, especially in its dealings with our funding partners.

Dan Murphy, CFO, VoxPro

After attending an EI Finance 4 Growth event, at which Brendan spoke, I implemented the ROCG rocket and the key metrics he suggested to simplify the reporting structure and increase everyone’s understanding of the business. This tool has aligned the shareholders, board, management and employees to the strategic direction of the company to maximise the return on investment.

Francis Donnelly,CFO, I-Connx Solutions

Clear, up front, and sensible pricing- in particular. We liked how they broke down the job into ‘bite sized’ pieces and we only had to commit to one piece at a time.

MC Dublin (Training)

They had a real understanding of the Core Challenges we faced and more importantly they clearly knew exactly how to deal with them – from the big strategic stuff right down to the nitty gritty operational issues.

MK Tipperary (Media)

I have been happy with the information and knowledge that I receive from ROCG. I use both their accounting and financial services and would be happy to recommend them to anyone else requiring your services.

Megan Storm