Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by cross border commerce is now within reach of any growth-oriented business. But to develop international markets successfully you’ll need to do your homework and ensure your business is prepared for the extra drain on human and financial resources needed to get the plan rolling, as well as the changes to internal processes that will result from doing things in a different way.

You will need to develop an understanding of your business model and how it could change or, if exporting, whether it will work in another country. The business model relates to what you sell, who buys it (and why) and how you make a profit from this. Another way to understand your business model is to think of it as your “valuable formula”. What is it that you do that makes your business a success?

The reality is that virtually every business today is participating in, or affected by, international cross border trade at some level.

We can help you identify the likely impacts and maximize the emerging opportunities out there for your business.