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Brendan Binchy



CEO Europe

  • 7 Dr Croke Place,  Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

  • Phone: +353 52 6127729

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  • Region: Europe


  • CPA

  • Certified Tax Consultant (ITI)







Consulting Experience
Brendan has over twenty years consulting experience, has  managed his own accountancy firm and a business development company.

He has managed and consulted on a wide range of engagements including comprehensive activity based analysis studies in Ireland. He has developed and implemented a comprehensive range of tailored business development programmes for a variety of privately owned growth enterprises in Ireland and the UK.

Representative Consulting Experience Includes

  • Diagnostic analysis of numerous privately owned growth enterprises to determine opportunities for profit maximisation strategies to meet business goals
  • Wealth management for high net worth individuals – maximising personal return on investment including tax minimisation strategies
  • Corporate finance including private offerings, loans, leasing, venture capital and valuations
  • Strategic review of family business models, reworking vision, strategy, structure and related operating plans to ensure successful performance, measurement and management, with privately owned growth enterprises in Ireland

Additional Experience

Brendan has more than twenty five years business experience working as a manager and an accountant in both industry and public practice. During that time he has worked ‘at the coalface’ for business ranging from small family companies right up to major international public companies.

  • Assisted and managed the successful Irish market entry of a major UK and Irish retailing franchise
  • Delivered the budgetary control and monitoring system for Burberry’s and the Scotch House chain of clothing stores throughout the UK
  • Worked as Chief Executive Officer of a small family owned department store in Ireland
  • Led the market entry of an international professional services network into Ireland

Speaking Engagements

Brendan Binchy is a regular guest speaker at events both at home in Ireland and internationally. He has spoken on a broad range of SME focused topics ranging from Managing through the Economic Recession to Optimising Team Performance. His assignments have included work for Enterprise Ireland, The Irish Tax Institute, Accountancy & professional bodies, Skillets and other business training organisations.

A sample selection of specifically themed topics which Brendan can speak to (from 30 minute sessions to full day interactive workshops) is listed below and can be delivered a relatively short notice – bespoke or customised topic delivery will require a six-week lead time.

If you have an enquiry or would like to book Brendan to speak or MC an event please contact us on 


  1. Weathering the Storm – a guide to thriving in the recession for privately owned and managed businesses that helps you reassess your business model, the way your business works and how to focus on cash generation.
  2. Managing for Cash – a detailed assessment approach of everything you need to focus on to improve cash flow; from your balance sheet structure, to your sales lead to cash cycle including how you manage your supply chain.
  3. Building Strategic Advantage –As Japanese author Keniche Ohmae put it - “What business strategy is all about; what distinguishes it from all other kinds of business planning – is, in a word, competitive advantage. Without competitors there would be no need for strategy, for the sole purpose of strategic planning is to enable the company to gain, as effectively as possible, a sustainable edge over its competitors.” Here we focus in particular on how to apply strategic planning techniques to privately owned SMEs.
  4. This Way Out – whether you are planning to sell your business, leave it to your children or simply wind it up and exit, the complications are the same. The principal problems with business transition are that succession planning does not take place; it happens too late or at crisis points; and overwhelmingly, it is not discussed early enough to help increase business exit value. This seminar/workshop guides business owners and managers in the right direction to make timely strategically beneficial decisions about how to exit their business.
  5. What Gets Measured Gets Managed – in this series we focus on a balance scorecard that measures those things that every business must get it absolutely right if it is to succeed. Those success factors can range across all business functions, operations, marketing, sales, people, systems, processes and last but not least finance. One thing's for sure though, knowing your critical success factors isn't enough you have to a quantitative measures built into your management information system to track your progress in achieving them. This seminar /workshop series provides an easily digestible financial management system for business owners to build their own balance scorecard for their business.
  6. Solving Your Financial Jigsaw – Some people may have more than one business interest to be integrated and managed within their personal portfolio. For others personal property investments may be closely correlated with one or more of their business entities. Loan and debt finance that has been provided personally rather than through a business entity can further complicate matters. Indeed it is common to find a vast and diverse array of pensions, savings and investments (including investments in shares, equity plans and bonds) which may have originated, and indeed been funded from a successful and profitable private business. The recent constrained business environment may now find people looking towards their non-business investments to resolve core business issues. Tied to this are issues that can have really important lifestyle impacting impacts that resonate through a much broader financial range than just your principal business - this seminar examines such situations and how all the elements can be pulled together and managed effectively.
  7. Commercial Budget Briefings – a commercial review for business owners on how to leverage the most recent changes in taxation legislation to benefit their business. This is not a bland recitation of new tax legislation but focuses more on creating a commercial "to do" list for business owners.